The Death of Hospitality

 Dear Mrs. Fink,

We regret to inform you of the recent demise of hospitality.

 As you know, this ancient custom of welcoming strangers (as Abraham did in Old Testament times), was also demonstrated in the New Testament as hosts would feed, house and wash the feet of their guests. Throughout history, hospitality was a common practice, with variances according to culture and standards of living.

Those who travel outside of the U.S. report there are homes and vacation locations where generous kindness can still be found.

Perhaps you have noted how American hospitality has been in hospice care during the recent past.  The symptoms were first seen where economics enabled purchases beyond simple life needs.  The pattern of working more to buy and “recreate” more, has progressed generation by generation.  Families now exchange social opportunities for running children to extracurricular activities and entertainment. Hospitality practices also grew weaker when bigger houses were needed for more possessions, requiring more employment hours away from home.

The coroner report indicated the cause of death was partially from “fear of entertaining/cooking for guests.” This health issue changed the definition of “Let’s do lunch” from homes to impersonal restaurants. The remaining determining factor of hospitality’s demise included abnormal communication patterns due to screen-text addiction.

No funeral has been planned.

All interested parties are welcome to view a virtual CELEBRATION OF LIFE on January 1, 2022. Professor Emeritus H.J. Noparty (UW) will review hospitality through the ages.

Please feel free to share this information with whom you think may be interested.


Timothy, Peter and Romans, Associates


  1. My parents (with the 4 of us kids in the car) used to go visiting on Sunday afternoons. We never called ahead - we just showed up to visit. Somehow the hostess (who didn't know that she would be a hostess that day) had food ready to serve us. I would be hard pressed to offer folks who just showed up at our door much more than some outdated cookie packages that I save for us.


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